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Yoli+ FREE shipping for 12 months



• Unlimited FREE shipping for 12 months*
• No minimum required

Available for all members, customers, and subscribers.

Terms & Conditions:
* Valid only for standard shipping
* No refunds
* Not available to purchase with Yoli Cash or Yoli Bonus
* Tax excluded

Yoli+ is about more than just the packaged goodness that arrives on your doorstep, it’s the convenience of getting any Yoli product whenever you need it.

Next time you need something from Yoli, you just add it to your cart and shipping will be FREE for the next 12 months!

Yoli+ Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is this available in Australia?
A. Yoli+ is only available in US, CA, and PH

Q. Will this automatically renew?
A. Yes, Purchasing the Yoli+ SKU creates an annual Subscribe and Save profile that will automatically renew the subscription when that profile processes successfully. Customers will need to call into CS to cancel the profile similar to the monthly and annual fees.

Q. How long is the promotion valid?
A. The promotion runs from March 22 through April 30, 2022.

Q. Can I get expedited shipping?
A. All ship methods are applicable except for UPS Next day, UPS 2nd day, and Canada Express.

Q. Do my orders have to be on Subscribe and Save to qualify?
A. Both regular orders as well as S&S orders qualify for free shipping with this promotion.

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